Got my boyfriend back into reading!:)

Gave him ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, gambling on it he would like it or not, actually thinking he might hate it. Turns out he loves it!

Mission accomplished!:)

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I just got 100+ reblogs of something I posted two years ago. The fuck!

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No longer have to wear that stupid retainer during the day! SO here, have a selfie!:)
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I find it funny how I wear a size 34D (or 34DD depending on the make) bra. Yet, I could fit into a B cup of a 38inch comfortably. 

Yay for having a petite figure!

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Not sure if anyone is interested, but I’m looking to get some cash to help pay some bills off and get a special birthday present for someone. 

I’m looking to get rid of:

- Kindle keyboard (black)
- Nintendo DS

If interested, please inbox me for prices, etc!:)

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Inuyasha marathon on Hulu! Day off well spent!:)

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- My grandpa dies…
- Have to sell the house I’ve practically grown up in cause my grandma can’t afford it…
- Boyfriend and I break up (even though it’s really just a break from each other)…
- Struggling to get by and finding a second job has been extremely difficult…
- Find out grandma might have bladder cancer…

Seriously. What other shit is the world going to dish at me this year?

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Ugh. Trying to be friends with your ex is the hardest fucking thing when you both still have feelings for one another….

Going out to “hang out as friends” is going to be so incredibly hard… but fuck I miss having that person to be myself around…

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Our city is currently in the process of demolishing my old high school to rebuild a much nicer one in it’s place. 

There are pictures everywhere of the high school, completely gutted and being torn down, accompanied by ‘before’ pictures. 

I hated high school. But these pics have brought me to tears. Seeing a place I did a lot of growing up being taken away is really hard. Reliving my teen years… 

But fuck is the new high school going to be niceTT

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Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.

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Boyfriend and I broke up. Here’s to extremely emotional depression!

We live in Washington! Temps this high are not okay!:( #doingtheraindance #nothankyou
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Ruined my favorite pair of converse to help my boyfriend get truck cleaning chores done. Sealcoat EVERYWHERE. This is true love. :(