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Ugh. Trying to be friends with your ex is the hardest fucking thing when you both still have feelings for one another….

Going out to “hang out as friends” is going to be so incredibly hard… but fuck I miss having that person to be myself around…

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Our city is currently in the process of demolishing my old high school to rebuild a much nicer one in it’s place. 

There are pictures everywhere of the high school, completely gutted and being torn down, accompanied by ‘before’ pictures. 

I hated high school. But these pics have brought me to tears. Seeing a place I did a lot of growing up being taken away is really hard. Reliving my teen years… 

But fuck is the new high school going to be niceTT

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Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.

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Boyfriend and I broke up. Here’s to extremely emotional depression!

We live in Washington! Temps this high are not okay!:( #doingtheraindance #nothankyou
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Ruined my favorite pair of converse to help my boyfriend get truck cleaning chores done. Sealcoat EVERYWHERE. This is true love. :(

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Happy 4th kiddos!
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I bought this Startale hoodie back in 2012 while at IPL5. I’m cleaning out my closet and I’m looking to get rid of it.
It’s an adult size small. Only been worn twice! And it’s from Korea! I’m asking only $20 for it (not including shipping) but I’m also willing to haggle.
If you’re interested, please inbox me and we can set arrangements up!
I’m a huge Startale fan and I’d love for it to go to someone who will appreciate it like I do.
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Why do bronies hate the friendzone so much I thought friendship is magic

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Fixing boyfriend’s laptop. 

Find pics of him and his ex…


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The good:
- got to spend three days with my boy<3
- worked with him and his family Wednesday with their sealcoating business. 
- made $200 working only 8 hours. usually takes me three days of working at mcdonalds to earn close to that…
- spent great quality time with great people
- got a job interview scheduled to possibly be a corrections officer

The bad:
- came down with a sinus infection
- got really sunburn
- had to call out of work
- his mom walked in on us having sex…. (so fucking mortified still…) 

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the new godzilla movie 
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Got the cable modem finally! Trying to activate the interwebs now! My gamer heart can be fully happy again! :)